Full-Service Kite Repair

Bladder Repairs

If your kite isn't holding air, whether the leak is large or small, Comox Kite Repair can fix it. We offer a wide range of bladder repair options :




Blow-outs - often a tear in the leading edge or strut fabric leads to a bladder blow-out. This kind of bladder failure can be repaired for less than the cost of a replacement bladder. The thinned and deformed bladder material around the blow-out is trimmed away and the hole patched in one of two ways :


Welded patch  this is the deluxe method, the strongest repair that minimizes added weight. A patch of US-made TPU (kite bladder film) is thermally welded around the cut-out perimeter, with marginal overlaps. The welding process has been engineered with precision-machined fixtures and micro-processor controlled equipment, to weld with consistency equivalent to or better than the edge welding process used to fabricate bladders. Welded bladder patches are guaranteed for the lifetime of the kite, and the warranty is transferable if the kite is sold. Note the welded patch in the photo above was made with yellow bladder film to make the repair easy to see. Clear patches are used for repairs, as in the photo below, but it is difficult to photograph a clear patch.

TearAid patch  a thinner layer of TPU is placed inside the bladder covering the hole, and a large TearAid patch is applied to the outside, with generous overlap on the edges. This inner layer of film is required to prevent the TearAid from adhering to the opposing side of the bladder. While this method is less expensive, it adds more weight from the multiple layers of film and large overlaps, and is best suited for smaller blow-outs.


Pin-hole Leaks  can be frustrating and hard to locate, but with CKR's large leak testing tank, we leak-test bladders using soapy water, locate pinholes leaks quickly, and patch them with TearAid.


Valve Replacements  For delaminated valve seats, if the underlying bladder film is still in good condition, CKR can re-attach the valve with KiteAid valve adhesive. If the underlying film is damaged, a patch can be welded in, followed by an adhesive-backed replacement valve. CKR carries an assortment of replacement valves for many common kite brands.



For bladder repair cost estimates, link to our price guidelines, hereUse our Quote Request to get us started on returning your kite's bladder to a leak-free condition.


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