Full-Service Kite Repair


Bridles & Lines








Need a bridle line replaced on your kite ? Worn out trim or leader line on your bar?


Time to replace your kite's bridle pulleys?  Want to upgrade to the new solid stainless sliders?


CKR has top quality line of many types and sizes and common kite pulleys. We splice and stitch down our loops so they won't let go. Even a broken flying line* can usually be spliced back together and sewn to lock in the spice. Just use our Quote Request page to indicate what you need fixed, and we'll have you back flying in no time. Line repairs are typically a 1-day turnaround.


* Note that spliced lines only have approximately 90% of the original line's strength, so a broken and spliced front line should be swapped with an intact steering line to maintain full-strength on heavily-loaded front lines.