Full-Service Kite Repair

Comox Kite Repair also repairs  surface watersport drysuits :

Seal Replacements – we carry a wide inventory of Seamtite latex neck, wrist, and
                                    ankle seals either for sale and DIY repairs, or

   Deluxe seal replacements – factory seal completely removed, new seal stitched in place, seam sealed
                                             with waterproof seam tape & leak tested

   Basic seal replacement  - factory seal trimmed, new seal bonded to remnant of factory seal with hot-melt
                                             adhesive & leak tested

Dry Zipper Installations / Replacements - we have an assortment of TiZip entry and relief zippers to
                                                                          replace or add one to your suit

Dryboot  or Ankle Seal  Swap-Outs  -  we stock an inventory of Ocean Rodeo drysocks, so if you want
                                                                 to reconfigure the bottom of your suit, we do that too

Leak Location & Repair  -  leaks located using water as the test medium, then  leak patched with  
                      stitched-in-place drysuit  fabric  or seam sealing tape, with a post-repair leak check
                      when appropriate

Drysuit repair parts & services price sheet -   DRP

We'll be adding more drysuit maintenance and repair services in the coming months, so if you need a
repair that isn't listed above, don't hesitate to ask.