Full-Service Kite Repair

Fabric Repairs 


Comox Kite Repair can restore your damaged inflatable kite to its original performance, often with nearly invisible repairs. Repairs are made with the same materials from which kites are built, and stitched with top-quality UV-resistant thread.

Damage to a kite's fabric can be grouped into three types, based on the material or functional areas of the kite. Here are our repair options for each area :

Kite Canopy  the very light and thin fabric used for the majority of the kite. Kite canopy fabric originated in the sailboat industry, used to make spinnaker sails. CKR offers two repair options for tears in the kite canopy :

Pro-repair :  precision re-alignment of canopy tears, and application of spinnaker-cloth ripstop adhesive tape on both sides. Tape is colour-matched from our supply of 16 colours or choose clear fabric tape, often the best choice for tears through complex kite graphics.
Next 4-point zigzag stitching around all tape borders to lock-down the repair, and a final setting of tape adhesive. Occasionally, replacement of an entire fabric panel is necessary. Pro-repairs are guaranteed for the life of the kite, and transferable to a new owner if the kite is sold.

Bro-repair : tears aligned and patched with Dacron sail tape one side and perimeter stitched - a less expensive repair that is still very strong and durable, however Bro-repairs are not warrantied.


Leading Edge & Strut Pockets are made from 4 ounce/sq. yard Dacron sailcloth. These tubes of fabric take high loads from the inflated bladders. Even a very small tear in this fabric can quickly grow and lead to bursting of the bladder. Again CKR offers two repair options :

Pro-repair :  around the tear, the closing seam is opened to allow access to the damaged area. The tear is aligned and patched with similar weight Dacron tape both inside and out. The patch is locked down with 4-point zig-zag stitching, and the leading edge seam is closed. For damage beyond patching, complete panels are replaced with new fabric. Pro-repairs are guaranteed for the life of the kite, transferable to a new owner if the kite is sold.

Bro-repair : small tears ( < 2 cm ) can be repaired  at lower cost without opening seams using KiteAid's  Dacron repair tape, thermally set on the inside of the pocket, and a patch of Dacron tape placed on the outside. Bro-repairs are not warrantied.


Structural Components : there are many structural features on kites, including bridle attachment points, mini-batten pockets, bladder installation or retention features, scuff protection pads, and more. Occasionally these features require repair or replacement. CKR uses high quality materials to restore your kite to its optimum condition.

See our repair cost guidelines for typical repair costs. To obtain an estimate, browse our Quote Request page and follow the instructions provided there.


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